Sunday, September 7, 2008


Currently, you are able to remove a customers details one at a time, from their booking screen - this is encouraged, as it means their personal and credit card details are not held on your system.
We've now added a 'housekeeping' section, where you can now remove any customer information, and room booking information before a specified date. You can get to this from the menu Admin -> Housekeeping.
The system will ask you to confirm you want to proceed - if you do, the data held for customer bookings and room bookings for check-out dates of before the date you specified, will be removed permanently - and cannot be retrieved.

Special Days Update

Special Days will now be hilighted on your Overview screen in your control panel, as well as your customer bookings screen.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Special Days

Special Days are purely for aesthetic use on your customers calendar.  You can use them to hilight certain days, for example, Bank Holidays, or local holidays and events.  It will simply colour the background column of the calendar grid:
You can access it from the Admin menu:
...and add in as many Special Days you like:
Again, this was requested as a feature by our users - please let us know if you have any other ideas.